Theosophical History (Diagrams)

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Modern Theosophical Movement: Simplified Diagram

Modern Theosophical Movement, Simplified

Modern Theosophical Movement Including Offshoots: A Tree Diagram (Non-Exhaustive) Dutch.gif

I often use this diagram when trying to illustrate the fertility of the theosophical movement since its beginnings in 1875. As far as I know it was designed by Ronald Engelse in the 80-ies of the 20th century. (Click of the image to view original scale.)

Modern Theosophical Movement Including Offshoots

Theosophical History: Overview of Branches of the Society

On the web site of the TS branch Point Loma, Blavatskyhouse, The Hague we find an alternative version of theosophical history, in particular in the yellow-coloured tree-diagram quoted below. The diagram shows the Theosophical Society Adyar "seceding" in 1895, and the Adyar branch is missing in the diagram. At this moment (2022) the Adyar branch is more than 10 times larger in members than the Point Loma branch, and like the Point Loma Branch, it has existed (and has flourished) since the foundation of the society in 1875.

Alternative version of history

Over the course of time, myself and others have made remarks to the leadership of the Point Loma branch about this version of theosophical history, but the diagram still features on its site. In a creative mood, I have made an adjusted version of the diagram, in green, which is presented here:

Adjusted version

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