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Having left the WvA almost completely, in a certain sense astrology plays a less important role in my life. I have left the WvA board because I had done this work for 17 years and ultimately it was time for a change. There was a new impulse emerging, and the difficulties of past years had been solved, and I think it is always a good thing to leave in a time of prospect and harmony.

On the other hand, astrology has always been the window through which I have observed people and situations, and of course that is an ever evolving, continuing process, intimately connected to one's own inner development.

My interest has deepened over the years, shifting more and more from interpreting birth charts to the occult background of astrology. The question that was always puzzling me was "How does it work?". (and it still is) What are the principles behind it, seen from the perspective of natural science or from an occult perspective, or preferably both at the same time?

I have studied many of the theories that astrologers and scientists have formulated throughout history, many of which were easily falsified, or too poorly founded.

In theosophy I found a more durable approach to the problem. From theosophy followed an interest in tantric buddhism, especially the worldview of the Kalacakra tradition, in which astrology and astronomy also play a great part.

I hope at one time I will have a chance to return to natural science at the end of this search.

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