Diagram of Meditation

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In "Insight", Journal of the Theosophical Society in England, February 2017, Vol 52 No 5, in the article of Janet Hoult, "A Brief History of the Esoteric Section, the Diagram of Meditation and E.T. Sturdy", pages 12-16, we find on pages 14-15 a picture of the Diagram of Meditation as it was recorded by E.T. Sturdy. At first sight, there seem to be a number of differences in comparison to the usual editions of the diagram. On the basis of the image of the diagram I have retyped the diagram, and made a simple new Dutch translation of it.

The diagram retyped on top of the image

Diagram of Meditation - 11 - 2.png

The diagram retyped

Diagram of Meditation - 11.png

A Dutch translation

Diagram of Meditation - 12.png